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Further bridging the gap between strategy and implementation - and beyond

Kris Vansanten, Founder and Managing Partner at Quanteus Group and socially committed entrepreneur, embraces the Conscious Capitalism movement and shares his opinion to open a societal debate on the emerging social media censorship. Read the article


Customer collective consists of

Lettre à nos politiciens belges, à tous les niveaux


Brief aan onze Belgische politici op alle beleidsniveaus


RSQ Investors together with 5 industrial and financial partners invests 2 million euros in the relaunch of Soltech.


Quanteus Group News : launch of Customer Collective.


The Emperor's thumb is back - in an (un)expected modern fashion.


President of the Antwerp Corporate Court appoints panel of experts to investigate Nyrstar restructuring.


Important decision of the President of the Antwerp Commercial Court in recognition of the position of Belgian Nyrstar minority shareholders.


Minority shareholder syndicate around RSQ Investors crosses the 10% notification threshold.


ETION interview with Kris Vansanten : "De nieuwe realiteit na de coronacrisis"


Oproep aan de Belgische regering en de voorzitters van de Belgische politieke partijen.


Letter to the Chairman of the Nyrstar Board of Directors.


RSQ Investors increases stake in Nyrstar above 7.5%.


Press releases

We require impeccable behavior and integrity in everything we do.


Opinions and recommendations are developed based on analysis and teamwork, not on the basis of subordination.

No subordination

To create long-term shareholder value we adhere to the principle of win-win relationships with the key stakeholders involved in our ventures: employees, clients, investors, banks and other key suppliers.

Stakeholder value creation

We are passionate about business transformation, helping clients to realize true impact on profitable growth and transformation, for being part of Quanteus and contributing to its development.


We perform our tasks and functions in an objective and independent manner. We are not bound by other interests, we do not withhold unwelcome facts nor do we provide conclusions or recommendations to preserve a relationship or further our business. We value the independence and freedom of our business transformation professionals.


We treat all people with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, religion or position. We respect the environment as a vital but vulnerable ingredient of our well-being.


We value entrepeneurial thinking and acting as the best way to create stakeholder value.


we are driven by values that INSPIRE

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